Our writing can be brightened with techniques, styles, and flourishes of other genres.

During this 2 session workshop taught by author Erin Byrne we will dip our pens into fiction, nonfiction, travel, memoir, film, poetry, and journalism to add vivid hues to our writing styles.

Tuesdays, November 3 and 10

7:30-9:30 pm

Shakespeare and Company


email ebyrnewriter@aol.com to register

Erin Byrne's work has won numerous awards including three Grand Prize Solas Awards for Travel Story of the Year, the Reader's Favorite Award, Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist, and an Accolade Award for film. She is author of Wings from Victory (Travelers' Tales, 2016), editor of Vignettes & Postcards From Paris and Vignettes & Postcards From Morocco (Reputation Books, 2016), and writer of The Storykeeper film. Her screenplay, Siesta, is in pre-production in Spain. She is working on the novel, The Red Notebook. www.e-byrne.com



Creating From Your Core

What have you read that has challenged or changed you? Has a book compelled you to travel to a new place, or an essay caused you to ponder your own mortality? Perhaps a short story has provided a new perspective on your relationships, or a poem healed you of a fear you had been holding onto. In this way we are touched by the hand that held the pen. Your writing can do the same.

During this workshop taught by award-winning writer Erin Byrne, we will create live currents that connect our deepest selves to our readers. We will practice a creative process that elicits surprising prose, writing in such a way as to evoke in our readers an awareness of their own hidden flame.

Wednesday evenings, March 4, 11, and 18, 7 - 9 pm
Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, Paris
90e - Space is limited, to register email ebyrnewriter@aol.com

Session 1: Reaching your core

What is on fire inside you? During this session we will explore, through music, art, and literature, what moves us passionately.

Session 2: Writing from your core

Michelangelo saw the angel inside the marble and carved to set him free. We will do the same, thrilling to the surprises that ensue as our stories emerge.

Session 3: Igniting the flame inside your reader

We will experiment with ways to touch our readers-using chronology, evocative details, stylistic changes, and new techniques that will stretch us beyond our accustomed writing styles and create stories that endure.


Individual Consultations

Erin also does individual writing consultations, in person or online.

$60/50e per hour.

email with the subject line: Individual Consultation

Leaping Into the Void - A Writing Workshop

Enduring work follows from a leap into the void,
into unknown territory, icy water or murderous rock.
- Fernand Pouillon, The Stones of the Abbey

It's easy to stay in our well-worn writing paths but as Fernand Pouillon writes, "creation happens when boldness is released."

This seven-week workshop will encourage the idea that our best writing happens when we overcome timidity and gather our courage to leap into the void. Together, in this supportive environment, we will focus on taking risks in our writing and learn techniques to create authentic work described by Pouillon as unique, sound, untainted, springing from the heart, the intelligence, the sensibility.

Following the leaps of Victor Hugo, Michael Chabon, Ray Bradbury, Gabriel Garcia Márquez and other daring writers, we'll work together to take our writing to a new place. We will focus on the use of instinct and spontaneity in our writing and throughout the seven weeks, each writer will complete several new works which at the conclusion of this workshop will be ready for that final plunge of submitting for publication.

Courage lies in being oneself ...

Vignettes & Postcards: Writings from the Evening Writing Workshop at Shakespeare and Comapany, Paris, Fall 2011 is a collection of twenty-six astounding stories from this workshop.

Create the work you've been poised to write. Seven two-hour sessions, $500. If you have a group of at least six people who is interested in this workshop and a place to conduct the sessions, please email Erin.