Erin Byrne is the author of Wings: Gifts of Art, Life, and Travel in France, editor of Vignettes & Postcards from Paris and Vignettes & Postcards from Morocco, and writer of The Storykeeper film.

Her work has won awards which include three Grand Prize Solas Awards for Travel Story of the Year, the Reader’s Favorite Award, Foreword Indies Book of the Year, The Next Generation Indie Book Award for both Travel and Memoir, and an Accolade Award for film. She has taught writing at Shakespeare and Company Bookstore in Paris, at Book Passage Bookstore in Sausalito, and on Deep Travel trips.

Erin is host of the LitWings event series at Book Passage, Sausalito, which features writers, photographers, and filmmakers, and is on the Board of Advisors for LitCamp, the renowned juried writers' conference in the Bay Area.  She reads and performs her work in a wide array of venues around the world, including exotic cafés in Marrakech and underground caverns in Paris.

Erin is currently working on Illuminations, a novel set in the Ritz Paris during the occupation, her screenplay Siesta is in pre-producation in Spain, and she will teach “Deep Travel Andalusia, In Search of Duende”, in the caves of Granada in March, 2018.




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Professional Portrait by Lone Morch